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The Willingness to Die for a Cause

Written by Gary North on June 18, 2016

Here is the story that no news agency ran over the weekend:

Oman Mateen, a 29-year old American citizen born in New York, shot and killed 49 party-goers at a gay bar in Orlando, Florida.

A few hours before the attack, Mateen had called 9-11 and had declared his allegiance to ISIS, the Islamic terrorist organization. ISIS representatives praised the shooting within hours.

Mateen had purchased the weapons legally. He had been employed since 2007 by a security firm that is a major contractor for the Department of Homeland Security. He had passed all background checks.

The FBI had interviewed him three times, in 2013 and 2014, but had found nothing justifying his arrest.

Such a story would have offset the following knee-jerk reactions:

1. We need tougher gun control laws. (The guy was investigated twice by the FBI. They found nothing legally objectionable. What kind of gun control laws do the critics have in mind?)

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