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What If the FBI Delays Its Announcement to January 21?

Written by Gary North on June 11, 2016

James Comey holds all the cards.

He can make the decision regarding the correct time to recommend the indictment or non-indictment of Mrs. Clinton. This puts him 100% in charge. Not 50%. Not 75%.

Obama has now gone kissy-face with Clinton. This is seen by a lot of commentators as a guarantee that the Justice Department will not indict her.


The present occupant of the White House will be gone after Mrs. Clinton is sworn in. At that point, she will officially be in control, but in fact will be utterly helpless to stop Comey.

Could she instruct the Justice Department not to indict her? Yes. Would this help her cause? Not for long.

First, she and the the head of the Justice Department would be seen as acting to obstruct justice. That could get her impeached by the House and then convicted by the Senate.

Second, Clinton could fire Comey. This would have the same effect as Nixon’s firing of Archibald Cox as the Special Prosecutor — the infamous Saturday Night Massacre. It would doom her presidency. The House, if controlled by Republicans, would then vote to impeach her. They would win on a strict party vote. Then it would go to the Senate for trial.

Wouldn’t that be an entertainment delight? Think of the Nielsen ratings! Nothing would get done in Washington’s political circus for months. The Democrats in the Senate would be trapped. The Republicans would be in high cotton.

Third, her political capital would be at zero. There would be no first-term equivalent of ObamaCare. There would be nothing. The “Clinton revolution” would be put on permanent hold.

Side issue: stock markets around the world would head down. This degree of uncertainty would be fatal for stocks in good economic times. We are not in good economic times.

Fourth, what if the Attorney General tells Mrs. Clinton that she’s on her own? She will become Nixon II. She will begin her administration under siege. The siege will not go away. It will continue until she resigns.

Fifth, at some point, she will resign.

This is why the person who is elected V.P. will become President.

Will Bernie take the position in July? No?

How about Biden?

This is the political opportunity of a lifetime.


Comey can decide to delay his decision until after the convention but before the election. That means President Trump if Comey recommends indictment.

He can wait until after the election. If she is elected, the timing would be a disaster for her. But Obama might decide to put a lid on it. Let it ride. No indictment. Under the rug.

Then Comey calls a press conference to announce that he believes the evidence against her is strong enough to indict. He says that the Justice Department has decided not to indict. He says he is hereby resigning.

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