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Your $5,000 Finder’s Fee

Written by Gary North on June 4, 2016

It’s yours if you can locate a buyer for two acres of land in Southaven, Mississippi — 4.7 miles south of Graceland. Elvis country!

If you know someone in Memphis who is looking for a low-cost property, let him know. If I sell it to this person, I’ll pay you $5,000.

Maybe you have a friend in Memphis who knows a buyer. Split the $5,000.

Here’s the deal: on the first day of the month, the property’s price drops $10,000.

I plan to sell it . . . at some price. Right now, it’s $147,000. It will be $137,000 on July 1. It will be $127,000 on August 1. And so on.

Someone is going to get a good deal.

It would be perfect for a daycare — kids or oldsters. It would be perfect for a nursery.

For details, click the link.

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