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Shepherds and Sheep

Written by Gary North on May 21, 2016

Any successful strategy of conquest must employ a two-pronged attack: the grand design and specific tactics. We need to formulate a coordinated program of conquest. This is what Christians have never succeeded in producing. The various Christian churches, not to mention independent groups not directly connected to denominations, have always arrogated to themselves almost total authority. They have not been able to co-operate in the realm of first principles, nor in the area of strategy. They have thought they could “go it alone.”

The result has been fragmentation. This, however, is only part of the story. It is not just that denominations have not cooperated well. It is also that the individual churches have fragmented internally. The centralists have tended to become full-time bureaucrats seeking power, and the decentralized pastors, teachers, and other Christian workers have tended to go their own way, leaving the tedious affairs of central administration to those with a taste for it. Those with a taste for bureaucratic administration seldom have a taste for creeds, theology, and (non-humanistic) innovation, all of which are controversial, and all of which tend to reduce the powers of bureaucracies. Hierarchies have strangled culture-altering Christian innovation.

What is needed is a working federalism, among Christian groups and within each group. What is needed is decentralization, yet with sufficient willingness on the part of the “eyes” to recognize the importance of the “feet,” and with all acknowledging the authority of the “head,” Jesus Christ (I Corinthians 12). We need multiple responsibilities governed by biblical revelation and the leading of the Holy Spirit. What is needed is a vision of conquest so great that we must cooperate.

The cost of gaining cooperation institutionally has proven prohibitively high for centuries. Churches cannot co-operate very often. They cannot agree on policy, organization, and the assignment of tasks. Unquestionably, this has been an institutional failure on the part of institutional Christianity. The hands and feet have looked to an earthly head, and the Bible teaches that there is no head, except Christ. Roman Catholics cannot convince Protestants that the Pope is that head, and premillennialists cannot convince the others that Christ will return to earth for a thousand years prior to final judgment to serve as the earthly head. Almost everyone else has given up the vision of conquest because there is no earthly head. The fact must be faced: in time and on earth, as of 1979, there is no acceptable source of institutional strategy, no organizing general who is followed by all Christians. But never forget: the Satanists and humanists have no visible, earthly general, either.

The Common Enemy

Christians are supposed to love each other. Communists are supposed to share bonds with all proletarians and other communists. Every ideological group proclaims universality, and all of them bicker internally, never displaying unity except in the face of a common enemy.

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