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Video: Nigel Farage’s Rhetoric — Disloyal Opposition

Written by Gary North on May 7, 2016

Nigel Farage is a public speaker in the old British tradition. He is reminiscent of Dr. Enoch Powell, the master of confrontational rhetoric in the 1960’s: “Take no prisoners.”

He is not in the Parliament of the European Union as a member of the loyal opposition. He is there to expose it as deceptive and elitist.

Here, he points to the obvious: the new technologies have undermined the elite’s control of the media. The masses are not on the side of the elitists. Therefore, the elitist are abandoning the rhetoric of democracy.

They are losing power. He delights in rubbing their noses in it. They hate him. This bothers him not at all.

He is on the winning side. He is correct: the future is against these people. He sees it. They do not know what to do. They built up these centralizing institutions pre-Internet. YouTube did not exist when the Eurozone and the euro were created.

When the European Central Bank’s policies of negative interest rates finally produces a recession worse than 2009-10, Farage and the UKIP will be seen as the wave of the future, retroactively.

He has already forced Great Britain to consider leaving the EU. The vote will be in June. Without Farage to voice these opinions, no such vote would be scheduled.

If Britain’s voters vote to leave, the EU will be on the ropes. Other electorates will demand such referenda. The elite hate this because they have no intention of honoring these votes. But at some point, the EU will lose legitimacy. Then they will be powerless to stop the exodus.

More than anyone else, Farage is the voice of the disloyal opposition. YouTube carries his speeches all over the world.

He understands his role: not as a member of the elite but as its mortal enemy. He is inside the belly of the beast, and he has YouTube to carry his message.

Because of Farage, there will be a referendum in Great Britain on June 23. The BBC explains why this vote will be held.

Prime Minister David Cameron promised to hold one if he won the 2015 general election, in response to growing calls from his own Conservative MPs and the UK Independence Party (UKIP), who argued that Britain had not had a say since 1975, when it voted to stay in the EU in a referendum. The EU has changed a lot since then, gaining more control over our daily lives, they argued. Mr. Cameron said: “It is time for the British people to have their say. It is time to settle this European question in British politics.”

If Britain leaves, it will be difficult for the elite to hold another vote in Great Britain, which has been their strategy in the past. “Never take no for an answer.” The Internet lets opponents organize.

But if Britain votes to stay in, Farage will continue. “Never take yes for an answer.” The Internet lets opponents organize.

Because of decentralized communications, and also because of the invasion of Europe by young, unmarried Muslim men, the EU elite is playing Billy Conn. They can run, but they can’t hide.

Farage delights in calling this to their attention, and also to the attention of the world.

Hooray for Farage. Hooray for YouTube.

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