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Why Biblical Economics Is Ignored Today, Part 1

Written by Gary North on March 12, 2016

Let me present a hypothetical possibility. Let us assume that for some reason the leadership of the world decided that the principle by which they operate the existing world order, nation by nation, no longer functions. The leaders have lost faith in the system. The public has lost faith in the system. Everyone has lost faith in the system.

The leaders then come to pastors and other Christian leaders of various organizations and make the following proposition. They ask the Christians to send representatives to the governments of the world. These representatives will deal with the existing bureaucrats, educators, politicians, and assorted experts. The representatives will suggest biblical answers for real-world problems. The Christians will present systems for financing, administering, and operating all of the fundamental institutions of society.

What would happen? First and foremost, nothing would happen. The leaders of the existing world order would receive a series of blank stares from the Christians. The Christians would not believe that anyone had asked them advice. They would not know what to say. They would have no response whatsoever. They would simply stare blankly. They would be catatonic.

Am I exaggerating? No, I am not exaggerating. In the last twelve months, the Soviets and other Communist satellite countries have admitted the bankruptcy of the Communist system. This became public knowledge in late 1989, and is almost universally accepted today. We have seen the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. We have seen the collapse of faith in the Communist system, not only by Communist leaders, but even by former socialists in the West. About the only people who still believe in Communism today are tenured professors in American universities. The fact of the matter is we have seen a collapse of faith behind the Iron Curtain.

In recent months, Communist leaders have invited Westerners in to present the case for democracy and the free market. Even more astounding, Moscow State University has changed its Department of Atheism into a Department of Comparative Religion. Moscow State University has invited evangelical Christians to come and teach Christianity at the university. The problem is, the Christians are not responding. Despite the fact that they are guaranteed payment if they will come and teach, we have not been able to supply the various universities, for there are others besides Moscow State, with qualified, academically prepared professors.

It has come to my attention that Hungary is offering to bring American evangelicals into Hungary and pay them to teach English to Hungarians. The evangelicals will be required to teach only twenty hours a week, and the rest of their time will be allowed to be devoted to evangelism or setting up Christian organizations in Hungary. What has been the result of this offer? Nothing. We cannot get Christians who will go over to teach English in Hungary, because the Hungarians at least want the Christians to have a bachelor’s degree in English. So far, they have not been able to hire anyone to come and teach.

What we are seeing is unprecedented in the history of the world. We are seeing the leaders of nations who had massive political power as recently as 36 months ago now declaring that their systems are totally bankrupt. They are appealing not simply to the West in general but to evangelical Christians to come in and tell them exactly what it is that they are supposed to do. They are literally begging Christians to come in and provide direction in areas of social, political and economic policy. What is the result? Nothing. The Christians are paralyzed. They know they have nothing to tell the Communists, and so they do not volunteer to staff the new positions.

The Ten Commandments

We had a situation in 1990 where a group of Russian officials had contacted some evangelicals to come to the Soviet Union and explain why the Ten Commandments seem to have produced enormous wealth in the West, but nothing comparable to this has ever been developed in the East. They wanted the professors to go into extreme detail to tell them why the Ten Commandments seem to be economically productive in Western societies.

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