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Video: A Low-Budget Trump YouTube Ad

Written by Gary North on January 16, 2016

I do not put any hope in national politics. But Donald Trump is about to pull off the first hijacking of the Republican Establishment since Barry Goldwater did it in 1964. This has happened only once before: in 1964. William Jennings Bryan pulled it off in 1896 in the Democratic Party. This changed American politics. So, Trump’s campaign deserves our attention.

He is doing this without much money. He is burying his opponents, who must by TV time. Not Trump. The media hate his guts, but like moths attracted to a flame, they cannot leave him alone. They report everything he says. It’s free advertising. “Stop us before we sneer again!”

Here is a YouTube video. It has had over 700,000 hits. It was a low-budget project. It cost a few hours and no money.

The producer took a “Trump stump” speech, and then added still photographs. The video is a montage. But it is effective.

This could be done by any geek for any candidate, anywhere.

These new digital technologies decentralize everything. This has created a nightmare for establishments around the world. The gatekeepers dutifully guard the gates, but the walls are tumbling down.

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