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Why Fight to Lose?

Written by Gary North on January 2, 2016

“There is no substitute for victory.” – Gen. Douglas McArthur

Most people want to know how to invest their money. What would you think about the following investment? I have found a brand-new company that needs financing. It is run by inexperienced managers who have never been in management positions before. It has a very small budget. It has no government grants of any kind; in fact, the government has already indicted the president of the company for making fraudulent claims. There are no college graduates employed by the company. All the major institutions of higher learning teach a totally different management program and refuse to recognize this firm’s techniques as valid.

So far, it doesn’t sound too promising. But let me add a few more observations. The firm’s product line has been deliberately designed to be out of fashion with the buying public’s tastes. It has no advertising budget. The recently recruited sales force is expected to do door-to-door marketing, and they have had no experience in this field. The only experience in direct marketing that the managers had was regional, over the last three years, and the firm suffered tremendous sales resistance in this market. Nevertheless, the firm is determined to go international.

Would you invest in this company? More to the point, would you put everything you own into the company?

But I forgot to tell you something. The firm’s president is no longer being held by the government. He is now in conference with the chief executive officer, who happens to be his father, and who is the developer of the most brilliant sales and recruiting package the world has ever seen. Not only that, the developer of the program has made sales projection figures that are comprehensive, and which in the past have always proven accurate. He says that the company will eventually dominate the world market.

Now would you invest in the company? Maybe, if you believed in the developer and his son.

A little less than 2,000 years ago, a handful of Jews in Palestine were given just this opportunity. They took advantage of it. Of the original twelve “senior managers,” one defected to the “rival firm,” but died shortly thereafter. He was replaced. Within two months, thousands of recruits from all over the world were brought into the sales force. They returned home with reports on what they had been told. The firm started growing faster than its rivals had believed possible.

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