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A Simple Web-Based Home Business for a Homeschool Student

Written by Gary North on November 21, 2015

The Ron Paul Curriculum has an affiliate program. For every subscriber at $250 a year who signs up using your link, you get $125 . . . until the family quits subscribing.

A family may subscribe for 15 years, K-12, for all family members. An affiliate would bring in $1,875.

Did you know that some colleges grant college credit for business-related projects? If a high school student can show that his project involved mastering the equivalent of a college-level course, the college will grant three semester credit hours. The student needs to keep a detailed diary of every step in the process of setting up a Web business.

Here is a way that your homeschooler could do this. He can set up a site that offers free PDFs of the legendary 19th-century set of arithmetic books, Ray’s Arithmetic.

The Ron Paul Curriculum uses these books for grades 1-5. So, if your teenager persuades a family to adopt the books, he can then recommend the RPC courses that teach students with these books.

The initial 40 lessons are free. To see them, go here:

Use the affiliate link to direct people to this course. To get this link, click this: Affiliate Program.

To download all of the Ray’s Arithmetic books for free, go here:

This site is run by the RPC’s arithmetic instructor, Paul Ramirez.

A homeschooler can imitate what Ramirez has done: create a free WordPress.com blog. Then he can recommend his site to homeschool families. He can give away the books, but make the money on any affiliate sales for Mr. Ramirez’s courses.

It is legal to do this. Ray’s books are in the public domain. Anyone can use these books. So, why not make money with them?

For information on setting up a Web business to sell public domain books, click the link.

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