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No Access! Old Browsers Are Almost Defunct

Written by Gary North on November 7, 2015

Earlier this year, Web technicians determined that a common way to securely transmit data through websites wasn’t as secure as once thought.

These methods (SSL 2.0, 3.0 and TLS 1.0) were commonly used throughout the Internet. Today’s secure sites are now blocking access to browsers that use these older methods. Browsers that are still set up to use the old methods will start experiencing issues with more secure sites.

The good news: you can revamp your older browser. You need not download the latest version. Keep reading.

You may recall the SSL test that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my Tip of the Week. GaryNorth.com got a “C” — adequate, but not great. My site’s software, Membergate, has recently been upgraded. Rerun that test now, and you will see that garynorth.com has improved to an “A” rating:


This improvement is directly because of the security upgrade. The site’s new server does not allow the older, less secure method to be used for a connection. If you can’t log in, your older browser is out of date.Here are the instructions on how to disable that old, unsecure technology in the most common browsers:


The actual cutoff date for compliant sites to switch over is June 2016, but many sites are already taking the initiative due to the security risks involved. Mine is among them.Be aware of these changes.

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