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America’s Oligarchy and the Federal Reserve

Written by Gary North on November 7, 2015

Mexico is an oligarchy. Look at photos of every President who was not a military dictator. He looks like a European by ancestry. That’s because he was.

Mexico pretends to be a democracy. The photos say otherwise. No one who looks like a Mexican is ever elected President by Mexicans.

Americans who are aware of this anomaly — and few are — shrug it off as a curse of Latin America. “It can’t happen here.”

Ho, ho, ho. And, I might add, ha, ha, ha.


Oligarchies are born. But those that survive in an economically competitive world must recruit bright young men to overcome the regression to the mean: the average sons of the oligarchs.

This is done through educational screening. That is the message of The Bell Curve. It is also the message of Superclass.

Where did America’s Presidents attend school? I have marked with an asterisk those who were not Ivy League graduates or military academy graduates.

1904: T. Roosevelt (Harvard/Porcelian)
1908: Taft (Yale/Skull & Bones — 2nd generation — father was a founder)
1912: Wilson (Princeton — student and president)
1920: *Harding (no college)
1924: *Coolidge (Amherst — Harvard lite)
1928: *Hoover (Stanford — West Coast Ivy League)
1932: F. Roosevelt (Harvard)
1948: *Truman (no college)
1952: Eisenhower (West Point)
1960: Kennedy (Harvard)
1964: *Johnson (Southwest Texas State Teacher’s College)
1968: *Nixon (Duke Law School)
1976: Carter (Annapolis)
1980: *Reagan (Eureka College)
1988: Bush I (Yale/Skull & Bones)
1992: Clinton (Yale Law School)
2000: Bush II (Yale/Skull & Bones)
2008: Obama (Harvard Law School)

Note: T. Roosevelt, Coolidge, Truman, and Johnson were Vice Presidents who became President. Reagan was the outsider. He sneaked up on them. But his staff was controlled by James Baker III, who was allied with the family of Bush I.

What we see here is an oligarchy: an oligarchy based on academic screening.

The symbolic year was 2004, when two Skull & Bones members were nominated — an organization that initiates 15 men a year. A Bonesman had to be elected in a nation of 100 million adult males. Random? I don’t think so.

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