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Seminary on Wheels: Christian Truckers’ Free Audio-Based Training

Written by Gary North on October 31, 2015

Seminary on Wheels offers a full seminary education that is audio-based. There are books to read if you want to read, but the program is audio-based.

This is a perfect program for long-haul truckers. Long-haul truckers have more listening time than any other group of professionals.

If you are a Christian truck driver, you can convert this drive time into the equivalent of a seminary education. Free.

We are told to redeem the time. Every wasted minute is an asset never to be redeemed. It is like a bad investment. You can’t get your money back.

In short, there is more to on-the-road listening than Dave Nemo. There is more to drive time than entertainment.


Both are good. We can read more words per minute than we can listen to. But we cannot read and drive at the same time. Also, the value of lost time spent reading is high. Not so with listening.

You can drive and learn new material if the lectures are designed by a skilled teacher who knows how to communicate. So, your cost of learning falls dramatically. This is another way of saying that the payoff for audio-based instruction is high: high-value benefits from low-value time.

This is why truckers have a huge advantage when it comes to learning new ideas, as distinguished from visual-based instruction. They can convert drive time into high-value time: learning.

You are in a position to master almost any narrative-based academic field: history, economics, government, and philosophy. But the teacher must design his courses to be heard.

This is why Bible study is ideal for listening. The Bible says: “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” This is why sermons were the most effective teaching tools for the masses until the invention of the printing press. Serious communicators mastered the art of verbal instruction.

This is why drive-time Christian education can be so effective. It is not Christian education for people who are out of the labor markets: children and young adults. It is Christian education for busy adults who have lots of spare time. Not many people do. But you do.

Drive time is spare time. This is your opportunity. Don’t let it get away.

Think of the tremendous potential of what you have been missing in your Christian walk — or in your case, your Christian drive. You have time to listen — more time than any other profession allows.

Don’t waste any more time.

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