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Are You a Burned-Out Pastor?

Written by Gary North on October 31, 2015

Have you reached rock bottom? Are you ready to quit the ministry?

Do you feel burned out? Burned-out pastors are a dime a dozen. There is a book on this: Pastors at Greater Risk. Maybe you should read it.

But knowing you are not alone is not a solution to your problem. Other than quitting the ministry, what can you do?

You are now ready for serious success . . . or failure. Since you already sense your failure, this is good news.

That question faced David Watson in the early 1990’s. He had been a missionary in India. Six of his associates had been martyred. He had been thrown out of the country by the government. He went into depression for months.

Then he said a simple prayer. He asked for five people to stand with him. He got them. Then they began a decade of missions work in India’s well-named “graveyard of missionaries.” A decade later, they had started 80,000 congregations. He then left India. Another 20,000 have been planted since then.

This is the most remarkable Christian missionary career in history. It started with burnout.

I have written about Watson here.

What about you?

That depends on who is standing with you, other than God.

A large, successful church will not change much. A pastor of a large, successful church is paid to do more of the same.

Start where you are.

Is your church ready for membership growth? Maybe not.

Are you ready for membership growth? Maybe not.

So, I recommend the following.

First, devote three hours of prayer daily. Maybe you should go for a three-hour walk — no cell phone. Pray about your future and the church’s future. Pray for guidance. If you can’t walk or pray for three hours, work up to it.

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