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Nine Corrupt Pillars of Classical Greece

Written by Gary North on October 24, 2015

Maybe you are a Christian parent looking for a curriculum for your child. You are considering a school that costs $5,000 a year. It offers what it calls a classical Christian curriculum.

Save your money. There is no such thing as a classical Christian curriculum. There never has been.

There is a fake hybrid of two rival systems of thought, politics, and culture. They are at war with each other. It is sold to gullible Christian parents by poorly educated school masters who either do not understand classical Greece or who are deliberately deceiving parents.

The Greece of classical Christian education is a whitewashed Greece. It never existed.

Let us say that I come to you with an offer. I tell you that I have a curriculum based on the ideals of classical Greece, meaning Athens. This is what “classical Greece” has always meant in the West: Athens.

You say you are interested, but first you want to know more about the worldview of classical Greece. What did they believe in? What were the foundations of classical Greek civilization? I offer you this list.

1. Pederasty. This is the homosexual union of an older married man with a teenage boy. The men often met the boys on their way to the gymnasium, the building in which the boys danced and played sports naked. The men then became the boys’ lovers and teachers.

2. Demonism. The Greeks were polytheistic. Greek family life rested on a system of sacrifice to demons that masqueraded as the spirits of dead male relatives. So did clan life, which became political life. These demons also presented themselves as underground gods and spirits, who demanded sacrifices and special rituals to keep from destroying people. On this point, see the works of the early 20th century archaeologist-historian, Jane Ellen Harrison. This never gets into the textbooks, although specialists are well aware of it.

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