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Lonely Nazis Among Us

Written by Gary North on October 10, 2015

Within the far Right, there are Nazis. Real ones.

I received this email on October 6:

Since no one will say this, I will.
Europe desperately needs another Adolf Hitler.
And so does North America.

Karen C.

Think of this lady’s situation. She sees herself as all alone. I hope that her assessment is correct.

The world around her scares her. She imagines that the European Union needs another Hitler. Not just a German one — a continent-wide one. Lebensraum at last!

This assumes that the nations of Western Europe are agreeable to having one leader. “One Volk!” The problem is this: Hitler was a nationalist and a racist. How does Western Europe as a whole conform to that image? It doesn’t.

America needs one, too, she says. I assume that we don’t need the European one.

As to what the remaining 170 or so nations desperately need, she did not say.

There are those who would like to surrender to a national leader.

Karen longs for deliverance. She longs for a national leader to stand before an adoring crowd, arms extended. She longs to hear: “Salvation [heil], Leader!” What’s that? You say you never read what “Heil, Hitler” really meant? You probably also did not read that the French word for safety (“salut”) is also salvation, as in Robespierre’s Committee on Public Salvation. I never saw a reference to this this until I read Robert Nisbet’s book The Sociological Tradition (1967) (p. 34). It is conveniently skipped over in books on the French Revolution.

There are worshippers of state power among us. I mean real, live worshippers. They see politics as healing, as redemptive. That was the heart of Nazism, or as it ought to be known, National Socialism. His party was the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) — Nazi, in its short form. (Textbooks prefer the term Nazi, to avoid the obvious: identifying this as a Leftist socialist party.)

How is it that people still believe in the centralization of state power as the way of restoration, or redemption, in history?

How is it that we find fringe statists reading Lew Rockwell’s site, which ran my article on Europe?

(For the rest of my article, click the link.)

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