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Pumping Trump: Liberal Media Are Really, Truly Out of Touch

Written by Gary North on September 19, 2015

Here was the leading news story on Google News at 9 a.m. on September 18.

NBC’s Today ran this as its lead story that morning.

Liberal journalists think that these headlines will pillory Trump. On the contrary, they will reinforce support from his base. It is likely that these headlines will attract independents.

Basically, liberals really believe that most voters, in their heart of hearts, are liberals. These voters will therefore regard Trump’s response as — horror of horrors — insensitive. Yes, insensitive. And we know what liberals think of insensitivity.

Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress and the Democrat in the White House support our troops, who are in Afghanistan. What are our troops doing there? Fighting Muslims. And how about ISIS — or ISIL, as Obama refers to them? These are bad people. Very, very bad people. News flash! They are not Baptists.

So, liberals remain silent on the Afghan war, after 13 years. They accept it as business as usual, which it is for the military-industrial complex. They expect the voters to differentiate between the Taliban and ISIS/ISIL, who are fanatical Muslims, compared to most Muslims, who are not fanatical.

Large sections of the voting public, having been asked to support a series of wars against fanatical Muslims, are now hostile to Muslims. They do not understand the liberals’ definition of radical Muslims: “Muslims against whom the present Administration is sending troops.” It doesn’t matter to liberal journalists who is in the White House. The Muslims he is sending the Army to fight against are radical Muslims. Most Muslims will remain non-radical Muslims, at least until the President goes after yet another group of recently radicalized Muslims.

The voters cannot follow all this. They do not have the White House’s latest scorecard. So, they are afraid of Muslims.

When Trump failed to verbally condemn a supporter for not differentiating among Muslims, this sent the journalists into a feeding frenzy. “Now we’ve got him! Now we will undermine his support!”

They keep doing this. They keep exposing him as insensitive. And his poll ratings keep climbing.

Will they ever learn? Doubtful.

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