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Shhhh! Password! 37 Million Adulterers Hacked

Written by Gary North on August 22, 2015

The Ashley Madison site had over 37 million adulterers or wannabes signed up. That is a huge number of people to subscribe to any site.

The hackers threatened the company with exposure of these accounts if the company did not shut down the site. The company didn’t. The hackers have now posted the account data on the so-called “dark web.”

The accounts had passwords. Those subscribers who used strong passwords are safe from scrutiny online. But how strong is “strong”? The three dozen men who used talldarkandhandsome are cooked if their spouses find out. Their accounts are open.

Lesson: if you have weak morals, have a strong password.

We are told that 15,000 accounts were government employees of one nation or other. I wonder how anyone knows this. These public servants are wishing they were less public.

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