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Tax Protest Guru (Ex-Con, Bankrupt) Reads Me the Riot Act

Written by Gary North on August 8, 2015

Lew Rockwell ran my article on going to jail for not filing your tax returns.

I was besieged by the victims of jailhouse lawyers who use word magic to beat the IRS. How dare I say such a thing! The IRS can be beaten by saying the magic words!

One of them said these gurus are courageous. I replied: “They are fools.” He then sent my reply — no confidentiality — to his IRS-beating guru, an ex-con.

I got back a letter from the guru.

None of the people whose checks and filed forms in the loooonnnnng stack of links below — who actually know the tax and how it works, and have used their knowledge year after year to secure complete refunds of EVERYTHING withheld from them (or paid in by them), including Social Security and Medicare taxes– are in jail, nor are the tens of thousands of others of which these are a mere sampler. Study my work, as they did.

P. S. “Charlatan” means someone who claims knowledge he does not actually have. I would use that term carefully if I were you.

THE LONG STACK OF LINKS BELOW connect to more than a thousand examples of the tens of thousands of complete income tax refunds being continuously secured from the federal and 38 state and local governments since 2003 by readers of [his book].

As you’ll see in the documentation at the bottom of this page, all of these refunds have been thoroughly vetted by the government before being issued, and all have issued even while the government has striven mightily to suppress the knowledge of the law by which these claims are made.

CLICK ON ANY LINK to visit the page on which you’ll find the announced victory of the liberating truth over state-encouraged misunderstanding. There are typically twenty or more posted on each page, so you may have to scroll to find the one you’re looking for.

Watch for links in any text associated with a check or notice– many of these victors have provided their complete filing for posting, as well. About halfway down this list you will find audio and video testimonials from a few of these good folks, as well.

I replied as follows:

If you are this man, may I have permission to quote your letter by name in my next published report?

I sent him a link to a web page that is basically his rap sheet, documenting how many times he has gone to prison. In one case, his wife was sent to prison, too. He also declared bankruptcy.

I asked his permission to use his name because I do not expose by name private emails sent to me.

All I asked was the right to publish his list of people he says beat the IRS and got refunds.

No, no, no!

(For the rest of my article, cliock the link.)

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