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Wanted: Online Video Math Teachers

Written by Gary North on July 10, 2015

[Note: the position for grades 3 and 4 is filled. That was fast! I will consider sample lessons for grade 5.]

The Ron Paul Curriculum wants three elementary arithmetic teachers, grades 3-5 . . . or maybe only two, if one of them can teach two courses simultaneously.

Payment: you will get $25/student per course, five-year exclusive contract. Then we reserve the right to take applications for a replacement. But the replacement videos had better be way above average.

Our textbooks: Ray’s Arithmetic. You can download any of them here.

What we require per course: one video lesson a day, 15 minutes, 180 lessons per course. Each week: four new lessons, plus one review lesson at the end of the week. Start with 40 lessons, and then do one a day.

Equipment needed for the final version: an Audio Technica 2020USB microphone on a stand/boom (about $200). A copy of Camtasia Studio ($300) or its equivalent, such as the pro version of Screencast-o-Matic ($15/year). You will want to be able to edit a video easily, in case you make a mistake. You will need a silent mouse: Bornd M-120 ($15).

Sample lessons for 1st grade are here.

Application: two lessons as samples. You may use the free version of Screencast-o-matic. You may use a built-in microphone, as long as you know this is not suitable for the final lessons.

Pick a grade level: 3, 4, or 5. The higher grades are less likely to have competition.

Post the sample videos on YouTube. Send the five URLs here:


Put this in the subject box: Sample Math Lessons.

Deadline for the sample videos: Aug. 1, 2015.

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