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ObamaTrade: Round Two Surprise

Written by Gary North on June 13, 2015

The New World Order brigade suffered a major defeat yesterday: a 302-126 defeat of a key provision of ObamaTrade. That torpedoed the fast track for the TPP: the Trans Pacific Partnership.

The TPP is the culmination of the agenda of the Trilateral Commission, founded in 1973. The Trilateral Commission was named for the three world trade zones: Western Europe, the Western hemisphere, and Asia. First, there was the European Union (1993). Second, there was NAFTA (1994). The TPP was to be the final link in the chain. It took 21 years of secret back-room deals. The bill itself remains a secret. That is how arrogant the NWO and its agents in Congress are. But that final link got snapped yesterday.

David Rockefeller founded the Trilateral Commission. He is now 102. He has just seen his plan torpedoed. Can it be salvaged?

They face a huge problem. If Congress adds amendments, the deal dies. The other nations do not allow amendments. It’s all or nothing. Wikipedia reports:

In early 2012, the Obama administration indicated that a requirement for the conclusion of TPP negotiations is the renewal of “fast track” Trade Promotion Authority. This would require the United States Congress to introduce and vote on an administration-authored bill for implementing the TPP with minimal debate and no amendments, with the entire process taking no more than 90 days. Fast-track legislation was introduced in Congress in mid-April 2015.

The bill must now go back to the Senate, stripped of a key provision that Senate Democrats wanted. That will be round three. Will the Senate Democrats back down? There will be phone calls from the White House offering lots of Democratic pork for surrender.

The NWO had been planning this since 1973. It was to be strictly bipartisan. They almost pulled it off — a secret bill, “for your eyes only” — but only if you were part of the privileged few in Congress. It was a done deal.

But then Matt Drudge sounded the warning. It was Matt the Baptist, crying in the wilderness. One guy with a website put a torpedo in the secret bill’s side. Pelosi finally deserted the sinking ship. The unions were behind her.

Boehner whined that the fat lady has not actually sung. But Pelosi sang, and that was enough.

Obama is a obviously a tool of the NWO. So is Boehner. It was going to be a bipartisan love fest. It turned out to be a bipartisan revolt against the two most powerful politicians in the country.

Obama is clearly a lame duck. Boehner is a cooked goose if the Democrats in the Senate stick to their guns.

Boehner once again looks like the loser he really is. The Speaker of the House could not deliver the votes to his true constituents. Over 150 Republicans voted with the Democrats.

This is not a free trade bill. As I wrote last month, it is NAFTA on steroids. It is a surrender of national sovereignty to the NWO and its WTO bureaucrats.

It happened as the Bilderberg crowd was meeting. Perfect timing!

If we want freer trade, we can get it. Cut tariff rates. No agreement required! I described this political strategy in back in 1969. I have not changed my mind.

Republican leaders say they will send a fast-track bill to Obama next week. If the Democrats in the Senate do not go along, this is not going to happen. The Republicans are not in charge on this one. Harry Reid is. Will he tell his colleagues to vote to save Boehner’s backside? “Support Boehner, not Pelosi.” If he does this, will they do it? Oh, the agony!

I love it.

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