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Longshoremen’s Nightmare: Robotic Container Loading

Posted on June 13, 2015

Giant new container handling cranes have recently arrived at the Long Beach Container Terminal in California, awkwardly perched aboard a Shanghai Zenhua Shipping (ZPMC) heavy lift vessel.

The new cranes have a maximum outreach of 226 feet which allows them to reach over container ships carrying containers 24 across (side by side). They are large enough to support the 18,000 TEU Maersk Triple-E class container ship which carries 23 rows of containers between the port and starboard side of the ship.

Lee Peterson, spokesperson from the Port of Long Beach notes, “the new ship to shore gantry cranes at Middle Harbor are the most technologically advanced in the U.S., taller and faster than other such cranes.”

With much larger vessels calling on the Port of Long Beach, environmentally-friendly means to efficiently move thousands and thousands of boxes are needed.

For the first time ever at a US container port, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) from Terex, such as the one pictured below, are now in operation.

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