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Bad Grades? I Have a Solution.

Written by Gary North on June 2, 2015

The Ron Paul Curriculum is offering my online summer school course, Academic Boot Camp to the general public. You don’t have to pay $250 to join the site in order to take this course.

It will raise your child’s grades one full grade point next fall if your child does exactly what I say.

If your child is discouraged, this is a real-world solution.

If you have tried to intervene, but nothing has worked, don’t give up hope. This can work.

In 42 practical lessons, I’ll introduce your child to the tricks of the academic trade. Some of them are shortcuts. Others are serious techniques that will stay with your child until senility.

The course also provides leadership training. For some students, this will be a turning point in their lives.

The course works for good students, too. But the improvement may be only half a grade point. Your child may not get an A in physics and calculus. Sorry about that.

The student can also take any course in the Ron Paul Curriculum this summer. Dr. Timothy Terrell’s course on personal finance will change your child’s view of time and money. It’s the course we all needed before we went off to college. (It wouldn’t hurt for you to take it.)

If you’re interested, click the link.

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