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TPP–NAFTA on Steroids

Written by Gary North on May 16, 2015

The vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership could come in the House this month. This 800-page monstrosity must be stopped by the House if it is not to be signed into law. Senate Democrats caved this week. The Republicans overwhelmingly supported it.

It has major liabilities in the surrender of rights of free speech and publishing. For evidence, go here.

This is a law, yet no one in Congress is allowed to read it and then say what it says. Some so-called law of secrecy prohibits this. Who passed this law? Eho enforces this law? Sen. Rand Paul said this week that he is not allowed to say what is in it. No one in Congress knows what is in it — not all 800 pages.

This is ObamaCare all over again. “You must pass it before you are allowed to read it.”

Ron Paul sounded the warning in 2008: this is not free trade. This is managed trade by unelected international bureaucrats.

He sounded the alarm again a few days ago.

This is the economics of cartels. This is a surrender of U.S. sovereignty to the NWO-WTO special interests.

This is on a fast-track: up or down vote.

This is on an inside track: no release of the bill to the public.

Is it worth surrendering national sovereignty to a bunch of unelected international bureaucrats, who will impose environmental laws and work rules? For what? Slightly lower tariffs? Congress is bad; the WTO is worse. Politicians are liabilities; international bureaucrats who answer to no electorate are far worse.

“Stick with the devils you know.”

If you do not want this surrender of national sovereignty, contact your Congressman today. You can find out who he is and what his email address is here:

Ask for him to vote no until such time as the bill is released to the public and debated openly. This is a reasonable request.

See if he waffles in his reply. If he waffles on your right to know what is in the bill, you will know how committed he is to liberty.

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