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The Global Warmers Have Lost the War

Written by Gary North on May 9, 2015

It’s always nice to see a leftist outfit finally fess up to a lost cause. The global warming crowd has clearly lost, and this Mother Jones article makes this clear.

The governments of the world have not implemented the Kyoto treaty of 1992 or its 1997 update. The whole thing lapsed on December 31, 2012. It’s over. Kaput. Think of it as Al Gore’s presidential campaign. Clinton never submitted it to the Senate. Neither did Obama. It was allowed to die of old age.

In the latest article, we see that the far, far radicals of the global warming agenda had a metric of failure. If carbon dioxide reached a level of 350 parts per million, the end of the world would be in sight.

It is now at 400.

This 350 metric has been promoted for years by James Hansen. One of his acolytes is “deep ecologist” Bill McKibben, who has been sounding the alarm on the supposed ecological crisis ever since the 1980’s. He wrote a book on ecology in 1989: The End of Nature. (Note: nature is still here.)

So, here we are, well beyond the McKibben Apocalypse. Better yet: it’s clearly headed much higher. The trend is clear: up, up, and away!

(Note: the only relationship between this metric and warming is what this graph does to the cockles of my heart.)

CO2chart“All is lost!  The end is near!”

When all is lost, the sensible response is to eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die. Anyway, maybe by 2076.  After McKibben has gone to his deep ecological reward.

We are beyond the point of no return. Right? I mean, if the metric had any validity in the first place, only one conclusion is sensible: “Head for the hills! It’s cooler there.”

So, will these people just go away now?  Will they at least shut up?  Not a chance. McKibben has created a cottage industry. He has a website: 350.org. The site does not tell us what 350 stands for: “All is lost! The end is near!”

The global warming movement has had no measurable political results, and also no measurable impact on temperature.

Yes, it’s true that global warming ended 18 years ago. But global warming activists do not take credit for this. In fact, they do their best to explain it away. That is because national governments have done nothing to stop CO2 emissions, yet global warming ended. No one needed the Kyoto Protocols or its 1997 update to stop global warming.

It is fun to watch this. I agree entirely with the late Bobby Fischer. When he became a grand master at age 15, a reporter asked him what he liked most about chess.  His reply was perfect: “I love to see ’em squirm.”

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