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Jonah and Nahum: Prophets to the Gentiles

Written by Gary North on May 2, 2015

Jonah and Nahum brought covenant lawsuits against Nineveh/Assyria. Nineveh accepted Jonah’s message and repented. The result: positive national sanctions.

Nahum came over a century later. He said that time had run out for Nineveh. It had. The Babylonians conquered Assyria in the next generation.

Conclusion: Assyria was under God’s law and therefore under the law’s sanctions. God’s civil and moral laws are cross-boundary laws: geographically and temporally.

I gave this presentation to a Sunday school this week. I began with chronology. If you get this wrong, you get everything wrong. This is why higher critics of the Bible begin with undermining biblical chronology.

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