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Dear Critic:

Written by Gary North on April 15, 2015

You have sent me an email telling me I am all wrong on something.

You probably expected me to reply. This is my reply.

You have decided to give me a piece of your mind. Frankly, you cannot spare it. You have overestimated your ability in this particular area.

Why did you bother to send me an email? Why would you imagine that I would care what your opinions are? I have never heard of you.

Your opinions are preposterous. Why would you imagine that I — or anyone else — would regard it as a good use of my time to reply, point by point?

I might have replied in an online article under the following conditions:

1. You have written a book on this topic. Have you?

2. You have written an article in a scholarly journal on this topic. Have you?

3. You have a website where you have defended your position. Do you?

4. You have a series of YouTube videos on this topic with at least 5,000 hits each. Do you?

5. You have a regular column on a website with an Alexa ranking above 200,000. Do you?

6. There is a Wikipedia entry on you. Is there?

Let me know if you have achieved one or more of these milestones. Please send links.

I sent my article to 85,000 subscribers to Tea Party Economist. I also posted it on GaryNorth.com, which is ranked above 100,000 by Alexa. Maybe Lew Rockwell published it. He has published over 1500 of my articles.

I have found ever since my first national article was published in The Freeman in 1967 that competent people who have achieved a degree of fame never send me critical letters like yours. My critics have this in common: they have achieved nothing of significance in the area in which they think I am incompetent.

I have written this as a brush-off. I do not take your ideas seriously. It’s my way of saying, “Please go away.”

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