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State Pension, Septuple-Dipping: $176,000

Written by Gary North on April 11, 2015

The man would take it if he were not earning over $278,000 a year.

As a municipal court judge in Toms River, Damian G. Murray was paid $64,000 last year to hear cases about traffic violations, neighborhood complaints and minor fist fights.

But add in six other towns, all paying him between $11,000 and $54,000, and those part-time jobs suddenly balloon to a $278,399 a year public paycheck, all which adds to a hefty pension, making him one of the highest paid public officials in the state.

After more than 35 years of service, if Murray retires today he would be eligible for an annual pension of up to $176,000. The governor is paid just $175,000 a year.

In New Jersey, 540 public employees boosted their salaries last year with multiple government jobs that topped $100,000 — which will lead to sky-high retirement payments for years to come, the Asbury Park Press found. Seventy-seven high-paid multiple job holders were in Monmouth and Ocean counties, with Murray reaping the largest paycheck. Not too far behind was Ocean County Freeholder James F. Lacey. He was paid a total of $192,000 as Brick MUA’s administrator and a member of the county’s elected governing body.

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