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Tennessee Temple University: Its Demise Is Imminent

Written by Gary North on March 3, 2015

Once a private college goes below 500 students, it’s a candidate for bankruptcy. Tennessee Temple University, with 468 undergraduates, is a likely candidate. Falling below the 500-student on-campus threshold indicates that a school will not survive.

Its enrollment peak was 4,000. The school now looks terminal.

A student can earn a B.A. degree from an accredited college for under $15,000 through distance learning. Or the student can attend a community college and live at home for two years, cutting costs by 90% for these years. Why should his family pay $120,000 for a degree from a small, unknown university? This is what schools like this one are facing.

Now that the word is out, fewer parents will send their children to what is perceived as a university close to bankruptcy.

The school is typical of hundreds of similarly unknown, expensive private colleges. An institution must offer something unique to justify $120,000+ expenses.

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