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Leonard Nemoy and I Went Way Back

Written by Gary North on February 28, 2015

Leonard Nimoy’s first film was Kid Monk Baroni (1952).

Unlike you, I saw it. In a theater. In 1952.

I was living in Denver. Every Saturday morning, I went to the movies: the Esquire theater. It cost 25 cents. I had to spend money to ride the bus to get there. I always bought a Butterfinger candy bar — just about the last candy I ever bought.

We would see about ten cartoons and a serial. Then we saw a feature. Anyway, it was called a feature. One morning, the feature was Kid Monk Baroni.

I remembered that movie’s name all of my life. I could recall nothing about it, except that it starred Charles Bronson. I knew that. Bronson. His first film.

I suppose I was in my fifties when I read an interview of Nimoy. He said he was in the movie. As I recall, he said he was paid $150 and got three suits. (Note: I just did a search. I was wrong. He was paid $350.)

The film sank without a trace. I suspect no one bothered to renew the copyright. It is on YouTube — the whole movie. It has had almost 600 views. Well, probably not views, exactly. Hits. Brief, I would guess.

I have not seen it since 1952. If it ever made it to late-night or very early morning TV, I missed it. I don’t intend to refresh my memory. But you can.

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