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Hyatt on Evernote: File & Find

Written by Gary North on February 27, 2015

I have known Michael Hyatt for about 35 years. His new website on mentoring is his best project. He retired from book publishing a few years ago. Now he is getting productive.

His article on how he uses Evernote is worth reading. If you have problems finding stuff, start here.

Evernote is a free filing system for Web articles. I use it every day. It works great with Firefox.

I clipped newspapers and magazines for 30 years. I had them in 15 legal sized filing cabinets, four drawers each. Then I moved. I stored them in about 100 boxes. Someone came into the storage facility and tossed all of them in the dumpster.

Evernote is better.

I don’t use a filing system. I just click the elephant icon. I add a few tags. I can find everything in seconds: original text and a live link.

If you need more than this, click the link.

Continue Reading on michaelhyatt.com

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