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No More Outside Ads Here!!!!

Written by Gary North on February 25, 2015

As you can see, I have stripped off all ads.

My associates and I have come to an agreement with respect to TPE. I will write it. I will fund the mailings. I get to pull the ads.

I will add a link to my site, Gary North’s Specific Answers. I will add a link to the Ron Paul Curriculum. I may add links to books I like. But there will be no more ads posted by an imbecilic algorithm.

You will also not be sent any sales letters from advertisers. There will be only the TPE sent out by the TPE. The sexual dysfunction ad sent yesterday was a complete surprise to me. I received it. It implied that I have a problem. Really, I don’t. After 43 years of wedded bliss as of Monday, I did not need that ad. That’s not just my opinion. I had come to the agreement with my associates the day before about no more ads, but someone at the ad agency authorized the ad. The guy in charge of ads sent us all an apology: “Yeah this should not have gone out. My apologies guys.” He will never have to apologize to me again. No more ads.

I hope you will continue to profit from this site. I hope I will write articles and find articles that interest you. I will not mail out TPE if I have nothing interesting to share on a particular day.

(For my new policy on comments, click the link.)

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