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No More Comments on TPE

Written by Gary North on February 25, 2015

I hate comments on blog sites. I always have. The flamers dominate. They always have.

My first site went online in 1996. I did not like flamers then. I still don’t.

I believe in lots of forums for subscription sites. I have over two dozen on GaryNorth.com. The subscription fee screens out the crazies.

Sites use comments to add to the content size of the sites at no extra monetary cost. This raw content gets a higher Google ranking. I don’t care about a Google ranking. I just want to offer a free site filled with useful content. Flamers’ content is not useful.

I never wanted the comments section. My co-owners did. I consented. I am now in charge. No more comments.

You can of course post a link to one of my articles on Facebook. Then comment. That’s your deal.

Your time is valuable. It’s a non-renewable resource. Don’t fritter it away.

If you want to comment on articles, set up a free WordPress.com blog site of your own. I encourage this. Start writing for your own audience. Develop a following. This is positive. To get started, click here.

Once it’s up, and you have at least 50 articles posted, send me a link. I will promote it here if I think readers will like it.

If you read TPE just to make comments, then I guess I will lose you. But for those subscribers who are interested in content, please keep reading it.

I bid farewell to the flamers. Go post on someone else’s site.

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