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Flash! Walmart Can Hire All the People It Wants at Low Wages!

Written by Gary North on February 20, 2015

Stop the presses! (You remember presses, don’t you?) “Walmart is paying people $9 an hour.”

The Leftist press is outraged. “It’s a public relations stunt! It’s not enough!” Doubt me? Click here.

Paying $9 an hour is enough to keep workers from quitting. It’s enough to get potential workers filling out job applications forms.

If you run a business, you bargain for lower prices. That’s what customers want. This is Walmart’s slogan. “Save money. Live better.” Customers believe this slogan. That’s because the slogan is true.

Walmart’s slogan is not this: “Pay more. Live better.” Does this astound you?

Would your prefer to pay retail, or would you like a discount? Think it over. Don’t take too much time on this. It’s not a trick question.

Here is the rule governing wages. Employers compete against employers and potential employers. Employees compete against employees and potential employees. Simple, isn’t it? But liberals don’t understand this. It sounds like exploitation to them. But everything in the free market sounds like exploitation to them.

If Walmart can staff its stores by paying $9 an hour to new workers, why should it pay $10?

Are customers refusing to shop at Walmart because Walmart doesn’t pay $10? Not that I’ve noticed.

To see the media’s response to Walmart’s wage policy, click the link. The story is all over the Web.

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