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Cities for Foodies

Written by Gary North on February 11, 2015

So, you like to eat.

Do you like it enough to visit a foodie city?

I recommend Nashville. My wife just got back. She keeps talking about two new restaurants and a Mexican food truck. She is not alone.

Five of Kayak’s top ten trending destinations—Portland (third), Toronto (sixth), Savannah (seventh), Nashville (eighth), and Montreal (tenth)—are top North American cities for food. Joining a wealth of homegrown talent, established superstar chefs have expanded their empires to most of those cities in recent years as well, with David Chang now overseeing five Momofuku restaurants in Toronto, Hugh Acheson launching The Florence in Savannah, and Sean Brock bringing Husk to Nashville. As Americans’ obsession with food continues to grow, so too will this trend.

But you can’t get bluegrass in Portland, Toronto, Montreal, and Savannah. You can in Nashville.

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