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Shrinking Mainline Protestant Churches Promote Gun Control

Written by Gary North on February 10, 2015

Leaders of the mainline denominations, as their aging members die off and are not replaced, have decided to speed up the timetable to invisibility. They are coming out in favor of gun control.

Meanwhile, evangelical church members are overwhelmingly in favor of Second Amendment liberties.

A liberal writing in The Atlantic blames this on education. Mainline church members are better educated. Members of the Episcopal Church, the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church USA, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church all stay in their churches, while the leaders promote gun control. Why is this? It’s obvious to the author.

Of course, these populations tend to be those that support liberal politics more broadly. Mainline Protestants tend to be better educated, which correlates with support for gun control.

In contrast are the evangelicals.

PRRI, in that 2013 poll, found just 38 percent of white evangelical Protestants in favor of gun control, with 59 percent opposed.

But the leaders in the National Association of Evangelicals favor gun control.

Yet about three-quarters of the leaders at a National Association of Evangelicals meeting around the same time said they favored stronger laws.

So, there is a disconnect between members and representatives. In the pews are fans of Duck Dynasty. In the NAE’s leadership are people who were not elected by people in the pews.

I have never heard the NAE mentioned in any congregation I have joined. It is invisible. The only time anyone in the pews has ever heard about the NAE was when the head of the organization, a man aptly named Haggard, got outed by his long-term homosexual prostitute, who was miffed that Haggard had come out against gay rights. The NAE quietly pressured him to resign, but the damage was permanent. That was in 2006.

The shrinking mainline churches are planning to pressure Walmart to stop selling rifles with large magazines. It’s a shootout with the Robertsons.


Anyone want to bet on the liberals?

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