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Using Women’s Photos To Lure Dumb Men: Are You This Stupid?

Written by Gary North on January 26, 2015

What does a photo of an Asian woman with no underwear have to do with World War III? Nothing. What does the photo have to do with luring men to read an ad that supposedly is about World War III have to do with making money? Everything.

Here is the ad’s headline and photo.

This ad is all over the Web. Some ad agency is using it to hustle men on lots of Right-wing sites, including mine. It’s all automatic. I hate this ad.

I have prepared a brief video on this ad.

The ad is working, because I see this ad on numerous sites I visit.

Why does it work? Because it appeals to men with no understanding of cause (photo) and effect (getting your money).

You are taken to a site that scares you to death with a fear that, in my view, is off-the-wall unlikely.

This scenario is being promoted by a man named Jim Rickards. In February 2012, I wrote an article for my GaryNorth.com subscribers on why I do not take his thesis seriously. I have now re-posted my article for the general public. You may read it here.

I wrote this:

There is no Currency War III. There is just one long currency war. It escalated in 1914, when Europe went off the gold coin standard and never returned. There was a fake gold standard, beginning in 1921: the gold-exchange standard. It ended on August 15, 1971, when Nixon killed it.

Roosevelt killed the domestic gold coin standard in 1933.

Any gold standard that can be killed by unilateral decree by a President was a government gold standard from day one. It is not worth the paper it’s written on. . . .

Currency wars will continue for as long as politicians and bureaucrats have sovereignty over money. There will be no clear-cut winner in the long run.

Nothing has happened in three years that in any way resembles his forecast. Now the dollar is shooting up against other currencies — the opposite of Rickards’s thesis. The dollar is the strongest of all the world’s currencies today.

My thesis the was (and remains) this: Keynesians control central banks. They will make sure that their currencies do not get too far out of relationship with the U.S. dollar. The rising dollar subsidizes the export markets of foreign nations. Politicians love to subsidize exports. They are mercantilists.

There is not going to be a collapse of all currencies. There has never been such a collapse. There has not been hyperinflation in any large, Western industrial nation north of the equator except after World War I: Germany and Austria in 1921-23. To worry about hyperinflation in America, Canada, and Western Europe is just plain silly. It has never happened in peacetime.

But what does all this have to do with an Asian woman with no underwear? Only this: her photo lures in men who are more interested in photos of Asian women than with World War III or currency wars.

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