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Obama’s Gun Control: Shut Down Bank Accounts

Written by Gary North on January 16, 2015

The Department of Justice, which got away with Fast and Furious — selling guns to Mexican drug cartels — is also getting away with this. It runs gun stores out of business by quietly telling their banks to close their accounts. The banks comply. The accounts are closed. Then the gun store’s doors are closed.

Without banking, a business is wiped out, unless it is financed by the Department of Justice, the way that Fast and Furious was.

Congress did not authorize this program, but what power does Congress have? If it sits mute on the sidelines, not much. It did not approve of Fast and Furious, either. That did not slow down Eric Holder and his band of merry gun runners.

Who made this decision at the DoJ about shutting down gun stores? Don’t ask. Don’t tell. Especially if you’re Congress.

Is Congress going to stop funding this? Congress has already passed Obama’s budget for fiscal 2015. It has nothing to say about this. It has already capitulated.

It turns out that the DoJ does this with 30 industries. If someone at the DoJ decides that a particular line of work is morally wrong, it sends an agent to the local retailer’s bank, and presto: the firm is out of business.

There i no trial. There is no appeal. There is nothing the business can do. Hire a lawyer? With what? Lawyers want money.

This is how the DoJ controls online gambling. Once the DoJ got this practice by Congress, the rest was bureaucratically automatic. The DoJ serves as judge, jury, and sheriff. There is a discreet word to a local bank, and presto: another business is forced to go to cash-only.

It’s anti-business as usual at the DoJ.

It has a name: Operation Choke Point. Here is how it works.

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