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Obama Is in the Bankers’ Hip Pocket

Written by Gary North on December 29, 2014

Obama has nominated Antonio Weiss to be the Under Secretary of the Treasury for Domestic Finance. Liberals in the Senate are trying to stop the nomination. I’m with them.

Liberals think there is something substantive at stake. There isn’t. It’s all symbolic. If Weiss is somehow not confirmed — unlikely — he will simply be replaced by someone just like him. The faces change. The policies don’t.

Here is Wikipedia’s entry on Weiss.

Antonio F. Weiss (born 1966) is head of investment banking for Lazard, an independent financial and asset management firm. From 2001 to 2009, Weiss was based in Paris, France where he served as a Vice Chairman of European Investment Banking for Lazard and subsequently global head of mergers and acquisitions. On November the 12th 2014 President Obama announced his nomination of Antonio Weiss to serve as Under Secretary for Domestic Finance at the Treasury Department.

Weiss is a trustee of The Frick Collection and Publisher of literary quarterly The Paris Review, where he apprenticed to founder and editor George Plimpton. Weiss is also a trustee of the French-American Foundation and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Weiss attended Yale College and received his MBA at Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar and a Loeb Fellow in Finance.

The Old Boy Network still runs the show. Washington is still the arena for Council on Foreign Relations Team A vs. Council on Foreign Relations Team B.

Conservatives still want to paint Obama as a Communist in drag. Liberals still don’t want to face the fact that he was always in the hip pocket of the multinational bankers. The Punch and Judy show that is Washington is there for entertainment. It keeps the voters amused, while the real power operates smoothly in the background.

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