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Obama’s 1,200 New Regulations — Congress Has 15 Days to Protest

Written by Gary North on December 24, 2014

The Federal Register is where the action is. It lists new federal regulations imposed by the Executive Branch. Each year, 80,000 pages of fine-print regulations are published.

According to federal law, Congress and the public have 15 days to protest. In the good old days, this was 30 days.

But Congress went home for the holidays. So, Obama’s  elves are hard at work. Before the new Senate comes into office on January 2, the regs will be done deals.

The Obama administration is cramming like a college student trying to study for a final exam, publishing more than 1,200 new regulations in the last 15 days alone, according to data from Regulations.gov.

Energy and environment rules are the biggest category, with 139 published by the federal government in the last 15 days, according to Regulations.gov.

One of the most contentious new regulations is the EPA’s coal ash rule. The rule has been criticized by the coal industry and environmental groups — though for entirely different reasons — and has a price tag of up to $20.3 billion. The rule was finalized last Friday.

Before that, the Obama administration finalized a new ozone standard that could become the costliest rule ever proposed by the EPA. The EPA released the rule while millions of Americans were getting ready to eat some turkey and pie for Thanksgiving.

Regulations listed on Regulations.gov include “Notices from the Federal Register; Proposed Rules; Final Rules.” The government website shows that 309 rules were proposed or finalized in the last 15 days and 892 notices from the federal register were received — some of which could lead to new rulemaking.

So far this year, the Obama administration has proposed or finalized  more than $200 billion in regulations when the coal ash rule’s costs are factored in, according to the American Action Forum.

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