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Global Warming Fiasco in Peru

Written by Gary North on December 15, 2014

The two-week meeting of representatives of 196 nations ran overtime. They could not come up with an agreement.

On Sunday morning, they issued a 5-page wish list for an agreement that is supposed to come out of the United Nations in a year.

The UN has no power to do anything. Nothing is what it has accomplished since the last time this was tried in 1997.

The 1997 treaty was not submitted to the Senate for ratification by Clinton or Bush. It ran out in 2010.

Obama will face a Republican Senate.

Yet the headlines around the world gushed at the 5-page list, which is dead on arrival.

The inability of the global warmers to get anything of substance into enforceable international law is another testimonial to the political impotence of the greens. They get good press in the shrinking media of the West, but time has run out. The World Wide Web offers too many refutations of this agenda. Support is shrinking, and it was never very strong.

Also ahead is the question of how governments can continue to further reduce carbon pollution without severely curbing economic growth.

Under the accord’s terms, by November 2015, once all countries have put forward their plans for limiting emissions, scientists and statisticians will add up the numbers to determine exactly how far they are from preventing the 3.6-degree temperature increase.

That figure will form the start of another round of negotiations.

This is a nice way for tenured UN bureaucrats to keep their jobs, but there will be no politically measurable results.

It’s over. They lost.

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