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Boehner Buckles, Gives Dems the Fiscal Farm: $1.1 Trillion

Written by Gary North on December 10, 2014

John Boehner wants to give Obama everything Obama wants — a huge spending bill: $1.1 trillion. This will fund the full fiscal year, not for two months until the Republicans take over the Senate.

Senate Democrats are not budging. Why should they? Boehner is giving them the farm.

Republicans won in November. ‘Twas a famous victory.

Then Boehner does what he does best: he climbs into a bus driven by Harry Reid until January 1.  “We don’t want trouble. We don’t want conflict. We’ll go along to get along. You’re in the driver’s seat until January 1.  You pick the destination. We’ll sit here in the back of the bus. We’ve got the votes. No muss. No fuss.”

Think of Obama as King John. Think of Boehner as Sir Hiss.

There are still voters who think that winning the next election will “change everything.” They still believe that the bipartisan Punch and Judy show in Washington is anything except a charade to keep the voters happy with $500 billion annual on-budget deficits. “We won!  We won!” Sure we did.

What did we win? The right to roll over and play dead.

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