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Charter Schools Gain in East Nashville (Inner City)

Posted on December 4, 2014

Nearly half of all students in East Nashville don’t attend their zoned school. Part of that is the district’s own doing. Open enrollment, a rising trend in districts around the country, made it so that students in Nashville can attend school just about anywhere they want — as long as there’s an open seat. And, in East Nashville, competition is fierce among a crowd of private schools and charters.

Traditional public schools stand to lose a lot. With every student who chooses to leave his zoned school, roughly $10,000 of per-pupil funding goes with him. That’s why superintendent Jesse Register wants his schools pounding the pavement.

“I think [charter schools] have done a better job of getting out and recruiting and canvassing in neighborhoods, and I think we need to learn from that,” Register said following a meeting with parents at one of East Nashville’s struggling, under-capacity schools.

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