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Video: An Arsonist Burns Down a Ferguson Church

Written by Gary North on December 2, 2014

Michael Brown, Sr. was baptized the night before the Ferguson riot. He was not the man who leaped onto the car and called for people to burn down the city. That was Michael Brown Jr.’s stepfather.

On the night of the riot, Brown’s pastor was on the street where the riot was taking place. He says he was trying to stop the riot. The police called him. They told him to come to the church. He said he was busy trying to stop the rioting. They told him that the church had just been set on fire. His church was at least a mile away from the riot.

This was an inside job. Someone broke in. It was not started by tossing a Molotov cocktail through a window.

The pastor had previously said that he had received over 70 threats for his stand on arresting Officer Wilson. The pastor thinks some white supremacist group did it. Given the threats he had received, this is plausible.

The issue here is sacrilege. Someone torched a church. The church may not be insured. The policy excluded riots and civil disobedience. But if I were the head of the company, I would tell the staff to write the check. The bad publicity of refusing to pay would do the firm harm. This riot was covered all over the world.

His attitude is good. He says this.

“We pray now for the ones who did this to the Flood Christian Church. We pray first off, God, that you would forgive them. Secondarily, God, we pray that you will save them. Thirdly, we pray that you will deliver them, and, fourthly, God, we pray that you teach us how to love the hell out of them.”

Money is being raised to help the church rebuild. http://www.gofundme.com/huw1h0

I sent a contribution by mail. I want to be sure I get my tax deduction. But there is an online way to donate: http://www.thefloodchurch.org/#!giving/cd48

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