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McMass to Replace the Vernacular Mass

Written by Gary North on November 28, 2014

Back in 1978, Paul Seabury wrote a classic article, “Trendier than thou: The many temptations of the Episcopal Church.”

The Catholic Church has been engaged in a race toward trendiness since about 1965. This month, a Catholic group has clearly surged into the lead. It hopes to be a trend-setter.

Critics of the Latin Mass in 1965 had an agenda. That agenda is constantly being updated.

For more information of this ecclesiastical innovation, go here: http://www.mcmass.com.

Had this innovation been adopted in 1516, Luther would have posted 96 theses in 1517. I can imagine his critique: “You’ll get fried with that.”

I can imagine the Methodists’ marketing response: “Burger King of Kings.”

Then the United Church of Christ will open “Subway to Heaven.”

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