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Sheriff Tasers a Homeschool Family. State Kidnaps the Children.

Written by Gary North on November 21, 2014

It all began with a meddling social worker, who reported a family’s messy home.  The victims have filed a complaint. Here’s why.

The case worker wanted to inspect a second time, and the Hagans refused, so she called Glidden and White [the sheriff’s office].

Glidden first demanded to be allowed into the home and was denied permission. So, according to the complaint, he pepper-sprayed Jason and then Laura.

“Glidden then turned to Jason, who was still standing, and shot him in the back with his Taser,” the complaint said.

When Laura closed the front door, Glidden continued triggering the Taser through the closed door.

Where was the warrant? There was none.

This also seems excessive. The sheriff and his deputy are accused of the following. They forced open the door and found Laura and Jason lying on the floor. A taser has this effect.

They “slapped Laura, knocking her glasses off of her face,” they threatened to shoot the family dog, they threw a telephone across the room, called Laura a “liar,” handcuffed the parents and threatened to let Jason fall down, according to the complaint.

The three children were taken into state custody for several months.

The Sheriff already has a major problem.

A court already has ruled that the actions of Sheriff Darren White and Capt. David Glidden of Nodaway County, Missouri, violated the U.S. Constitution, resulting in the dismissal of charges of child endangerment and resisting arrest against the couple. . . .

Now the Sheriff faces a family that wants damages and legal fees.

Support your local sheriff? I don’t think so. Replace him and his deputy. Local tyrants need to be reminded. There are risks involved with violations of people’s civil rights.

If a report on a messy home can lead to this sort of thing, we need fewer social workers.  But you knew that, right?

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