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Gen. Dempsey Channels Gen. Westmoreland

Written by Gary North on November 17, 2014

It had to happen. It happened so soon!

The United States’ top military officer told American troops on a surprise visit to Baghdad on Saturday that the momentum in the battle with Islamic State was “starting to turn”, but predicted a drawn-out campaign lasting several years.

“Starting to turn.” Check.

Westmoreland: “Light at the end of the tunnel.” Check.

Next: “Additional troops.”

Generals always say general-type things. They cannot resist. It comes naturally. They say these things, over and over, right up until the hour the last helicopter carries away the last troops.

Think: “Baghdad Bob.”

When you read Gen. Dempsey’s optimistic statements, keep in mind the statement of the head of the Democratic National Committee on Monday, November 3.

Americans go to the polls Tuesday dissatisfied with the economy and President Obama’s job performance, but Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz remains confident for Democrats.

The Florida Democrat and chair of the Democratic National Committee predicts Democrats will hold the Senate and the election will yield more Democratic governors. . . .

“I think that voters will go to the polls today and vote for making sure that we can move forward, not backward, and that’s why we’ll have some success today,” she concluded.

Gen. Dempsey says there will be a long, drawn-out war in Iraq. He is correct. He will be safely in retirement before this war ends.

Things are easier to get into than out of.

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