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Hacked, Cracked, and Shelacked: U.S. Weapons Systems

Written by Gary North on November 15, 2014

It is not just Target that got hacked. This appears in The Washington Post.

Designs for many of the nation’s most sensitive advanced weapons systems have been compromised by Chinese hackers, according to a report prepared for the Pentagon and to officials from government and the defense industry.

Among more than two dozen major weapons systems whose designs were breached were programs critical to U.S. missile defenses and combat aircraft and ships, according to a previously undisclosed section of a confidential report prepared for Pentagon leaders by the Defense Science Board.

Experts warn that the electronic intrusions gave China access to advanced technology that could accelerate the development of its weapons systems and weaken the U.S. military advantage in a future conflict.

This is the war of the future, and the Pentagon has no advantage. With the big systems, it is easy to steal them. It’s not World War II any longer. Everything is plugged into the Internet. The Internet is a large sign: “Come and get it!” They came and got it.

Who did it? The article blames China. It could just as easily have been Russia.

There is no risk to the hackers. There is no spy sent in at the risk of his life. The hackers came, saw, and conquered. The victims dare not say which nation did it. Home free!

This is cyberwar. The Pentagon has no advantage. It has mostly liabilities.

The other major form of warfare is guerrilla warfare. The Pentagon has lost every major guerrilla war that the President has gotten into: Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. There, people with black pajamas or funny turbans cannot be defeated. They keep fighting. They wait for public opinion, the federal deficit, and the Federal Reserve System to defeat The Great Satan.

Did the Pentagon ever solve the problem of cheap IED’s? These are cell phones attached to explosives. Someone at a safe distance presses a button. Half a dozen troops die or are maimed for life. This is low-risk warfare for locals, but high-risk warfare for U.S. troops. There are American medical hospitals filled with armless, blind, and legless victims, whose lives have been ruined. They will be in hospitals for 50 years at taxpayers’ expense. This is modern warfare.

The public does not care.

A President declares a non-war on his own authority. Congress funds it. The Constitution is violated.

The public does not care.

The Pentagon’s faith is in digital weapons systems tied into the Internet. This is a misplaced faith. “Whoosh-bang” does not work in jungles, mountains, and large desert nations.

The public does not care. As long as they read about “whoosh-bang,” voters think they are safe. They are safe from the terrorists with turbans. They are not safe from the two major sleeper cells in America: Congress and the Federal Reserve System.

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