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Protestant Opinion Expert George Barna Confuses Politics with Culture

Written by Gary North on November 13, 2014

I received an email from George Barna today. Barna has positioned himself for 35 years as a master of surveys. His focus: religious opinion, especially Protestant evangelical opinion.

His letter told me that I had been selected randomly to participate in a survey. The sponsoring organization: his own Faith and Culture outfit.

I took the survey. Anyway, I answered 34 questions. Then I quit in disgust.

It was all on which Republican presidential hopeful I might support in 2016.

The mid-term elections are less than two weeks behind us, and he is trying to find out which Republican candidate I would support. He did not offer this: “None of the above,” who is clearly my choice.

Basically, the #1 question of 2016 is this: “Who will be the next Herbert Hoover, 2017-2021?” The #2 question is: “Which political party will be in the minority until 2049?”

When I think “culture,” I do not think politics. I think of these: ideas, social worldview, art, literature, education, and scholarship. I do not think “career politicians seeking votes.”

Why would Barna send out a survey on presidential politics as of 2016? What kind of priorities does he think are important for faith and culture? What does Rick Perry vs. Ted Cruz have to do with culture? What does Jeb Bush vs. Marco Rubio have to to with culture?

Who is putting up the money for this survey? What will it be used for?

Yet this exclusively political survey recruited volunteers by promising this:


Barna thanked me for my trust and cooperation. He has now lost both.

Let Gallup spend its resources on political opinion. Barna should concentrate on things that really matter for faith and culture. Chris Christie vs. Rick Santorum does not.

But was this really sent out by Barna? I went to his site: www.culturefaith.com. There, we find no “Contact Us” option. I tried posting a question: “Did you send out this survey?” There was no indication on-screen that the message was received.

So, if he does not have a way for people to warn him of a problem — a fake email in his name — then he is not minding the store.

I think he sent it. I think he should not have sent it.

I think his website should allow people to warn him of problems.

In short, he needs to start minding the store.

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