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CNN: 181,000 Viewers

Written by Gary North on November 12, 2014

When you think “Ted Turner,” think “no audience.” The World Wide Web has wiped out his experiment in independent news.

For comparison, Pat Robertson’s daily cable show, The 700 Club, has about a million viewers. Jon Stewart’s Daily Show has over two million.

How does this outfit survive on ad revenues? Why do sponsors pay for 181,000 people?

CNN has no audience. It is liberal, and it has no audience.

Why should anyone believe that CNN represents a mass movement?

It is nice to know that Turner can see the futility of his major effort. He deserves no less.

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2 thoughts on “CNN: 181,000 Viewers

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    The man who said "If I were God, and only going to have 10 Commandments, I wouldn't waste 1 of them on adultery" deserves whatever he gets. I actually felt sorry for Jane Fonda after I heard that one.

  2. Reverend Joe Ruyle says:

    What is destroying CNN is the same thing that destroys everything else it touches……. Liberalism. If you are constantly pumping out ultra left wing biased BS that the vast majority of the potential audience KNOWS is BS…… then by definition you are catering to the minority. Your viewership will suffer as a direct result of your liberal bias. Rather than learn that lesson liberals always double down and go even farther left to placate their own massive egos. They are of the belief that the masses are just too stupid to see how brilliant they are. Actually the masses see right through their solid male bovine emissions and tune out. Limbaugh broadcasts a reasonable message which resonates with the audience he is trying to reach. Result? Rush has over 20 million listeners while CNN has 181K. What does that tell you about the content of the message?