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The Cover on Time: Hope!

Written by Gary North on November 11, 2014

Yes, I believe!


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25 thoughts on “The Cover on Time: Hope!

  1. J. C. Moore, USN Ret says:

    McConnell is an enabler of the left. Please, senate, elect a constitutionalist to be the leader.

  2. YES!

  3. stepman2001 says:

    Not too obvious that TIME and many others consider that Obama and McConnell are cut from the same cloth!

  4. Democrats are bigger constitutionalists than Republicans OR Tea Partiers, FYI.

  5. Your photoshop skills are sorely lacking, Gary.

  6. which could be real trouble since those that went to Philly disobeyed the several states (to amend the articles) and came out with a coup d'etat (Patrick Henry was correct, he smelled a rat)

  7. Search youtube for "you suck at photoshop". If they're still there you will be amused.

  8. zionist democrats replaced by zionist republicans…how can any white man fall for this "change" you'd have to believe that god is a jewish man (magician) who walked on water and turned water to wine.

  9. Bill Porter says:

    "Bigger" isn't always "Better".
    What the heck is a Big Constitutionist anyway.

  10. It would be nice if the Republican rebels could muster the support for someone else to be majority leader in the senate. It probably can't happen but we can always dream…

  11. HollandArc says:

    Sorry, no monkeys allowed here.

  12. God bless ALL those in the Military, Retired, Vets, including my three precious sons and four grandchildren! Two sons who served a combined forty five years! Both retired, one now works for the Veterans Administration. Two granddaughters, two Granddaughters. Granddaughter and Grandson served in Iraq five tours combined. All returned safe. May God bring comfort to all who lost a family member while serving our Country and keeping us safe! We salute them on this special day! And to ALL families who have Military men and women in your family, thank you for supporting them! I know from experience with my precious members, contact with family members means everything to them! It's a lifeline to normality, fellowship, and love! God bless all of you!

  13. I'm sorry, WHAT HOPE?

    The Republicans and Democrats are merely two wings of the same liberal bird. The Democrats the left-leaning wing and the Republicans the right-leaning wing (barely).

    "In politics, everything revolves around the positioning of right, left, and center. You’re either rightwing, leftwing, or a centrist. Politicians and non-politicians alike employ all three terms as if there’s a consensus on the parameters for those designations. Even if this were true, who gets to determine what’s right, left, and center, and how are those determinations made? Over time, the parameters shift (always further to the left), so how is someone on the right to know he’s now a centrist or a centrist to know he’s now on the left?

    "There are no answers to these questions because there is no standard for these terms. The terms are completely arbitrary, defined at any given time by finite man and his fickle ethics rather than by Yahweh [God of the Bible] and His immutable morals….

    "Isaiah 33:22 and James 4:12 declare that Yahweh is the exclusive legislator. There are no others, period! Anyone who claims the title of legislator (particularly when his “laws”—whether commandments, statutes, or judgments—are inconsonant with Yahweh’s) is a usurper and is perpetuating the sin begun by Adam and Eve. The same is true for any one of us who would modify Yahweh’s triune law….

    "Yahweh is the only lawgiver because as Creator He’s the only one with the authority to determine what is good and evil. His morals as codified in His commandments, statutes, and judgments determine what is right and left. Anything left of His right(eousness) is left, liberal, and ungodly…."

    For more, see blog article "Right, Left, and Center: Who Gets to Decide?" at http://www.constitutionmythbusters.org/right-left….

  14. You should be ashamed for having so many tax-consuming sponges and murderers in your family.

  15. Not hardly…….!
    Look at Commander in Chief and democrats~
    In a rebuke to President Barack Obama, the Supreme Court struck down three of his recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board as unconstitutional. Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/06/supreme-cou

    Supreme Court Strikes Down Obama's Unconstitutional Executive Overreach 9–0 http://reason.com/blog/2014/06/26/supreme-court-s

    Makes me wonder if obama and the democrats have read the Constitution let alone know what it means…

    The Framers were intentionally vague about the definition of high crimes and misdemeanors, but experts on the Constitution define the terms to mean any serious abuse of power to include both legal and illegal activities. Thus, misconduct, violations of the oath of office, and serious incompetence fall under the purview of impeachment.

  16. More like hopeless with this rhino

  17. Huh???

  18. Someone who believes in big government. You know, a liberal.

  19. Democrats Constitutionalists?? Your comment made me shoot my martini out my nose! Democrats revere the U.S. Constitution only so far as it protects THEIR Rights. The Democrat Constitution should be 'loose-leaf' so they can pick and choose which Rights they want applied at any given moment. If you're REALLY a Constitutionalist, maybe you'd like to try reading the actual documents first, before displaying your (how shall we say) ignorance. The concept of a democratic government is foreign to the U.S. Constitution. Look it up if you don't believe me. There's not one mention of the word Democracy. However, if you actually follow the Constitution (…you know, as a Constitutionalist) you'll learn that Art. 4, Sec. 4 actually GUARANTEES a SPECIFIC form of government to the United States of America. Ready for this? A republican form of government!. That's the bottom line, but why not go read the Federalist Papers and then you might even learn WHY the U.S. was not constituted as a Democracy. I wouldn't presume to bore you with the details. Then you might want to come back here and retract your statement. Mmmkay?

  20. Really now, Otis… on Veteran's Day no less. Defense is one of the few activities sanctioned by the Constitution and is one of the highest priorities of the federal government. Let me guess, self-righteous complex?

  21. RedMeatState says:

    You bet, Shane, WHUTEVER U SAY!

  22. justjammin says:

    Shane, you need to read the Constitution. You obviously missed that class while in school. Oh wait, they are not teaching our Constitution anymore, because the liberal educators don't like it!! Take a class online for FREE at Hillsdale.edu. You might learn something very important.

  23. justjammin says:

    Otis, dear Otis. How you take your freedom for granted.

  24. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Defense IS one of the few activities sanctioned by the Constitution. But no American military personnel have died defending America or its citizens and their freedoms in nearly 150 years. But that war was lost, and since then we have become increasingly enslaved to Babylon on the Potomac.

  25. Phillip the Bruce says:

    If you believe in FedGov interference domestically, you are a liberal.
    If you believe in FedGov interference internationally, you are a conservative.
    If you believe in FedGov interference everywhere, you are a centrist.
    But if you believe in FedGov interference nowhere, you are an extremist.